The settings that we have updated on our Zoom profile are as follows:

1. While scheduling a meeting, we select both Security options – Passcode & Waiting Room

  • Waiting room options (in the main settings): Nobody is bypassed, everyone is added to the waiting room


2. In the main meeting settings,

  • We have set the system to ‘Require a passcode for participants joining by phone’



  • Under Meeting authentication options, for ‘If Waiting Room is not enabled, phone dial-in only users will:’, we have the selected the option - be blocked from joining the meeting. This is done to avoid any unauthorised dial-in users from entering the meeting.



  • We’ve de-selected the option, ‘Allow participants to join before host’



  • Since all Zoom meetings we have are either confidential, or are course-oriented, we prevent participants from saving chats.



  • For file types that can be shared in the chat-room, we’ve set specific file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx As file types are defined, we have not kept any restriction on the file size.



  • Screen sharing is allowed for ‘Host-only’



  • Under Annotations, we have selected the option ‘only the user who is sharing can annotate’. When coupled with the previous setting where ‘only the host can share screen’, this means that now only the host to share screen and annotate.


  • We don’t allow removed participants to join back. This is done to kick out any unwanted participants if someone hacks into a member’s email and gets access to meeting details. If this option is selected they can rejoin as many times on their own. In our case, they’ll be added to a waiting room anyway.

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