Zoom Settings for Live Tours


Watch Sample Live Tour


In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, as Open Houses have come to a complete shut-down, REALTORS® are adopting new technology to support their day to day businesses. One of these adoptions has been “Live Tours”. More and more agents are now choosing to conduct a live tour of the property, upon client request.


Understanding this need, KADREA and KAR's MLS® System provider – RealtyServer- has been quick to respond and integrate the feature on Xposure. In the coming week, KADREA and KAR REALTORS® will be able to link this feature to their listing websites and take Live Tour requests from prospective clients with ease. 

How does the Xposure Live Tour work?

This is not the typical virtual tour… It is an actual showing organized by the Seller’s Agent for an interested party. With the help of this feature:

  • The Seller’s agent hosts a Zoom meeting where they invite the Buyer, the Buyer’s Agent, and the Seller. All four parties are in their own homes.

  • The Seller provides a tour of the property where the Buyer and Buyer’s Agent ask questions and see all aspects of the home; the Seller’s agent is present in order to know what information has been shared.


In order to do this, Realtors will need comprehensive training on Zoom and how to coach their clients to participate. There will be training sessions organized by the board for this.

Once “Live Tours” have been activated in Xposure, follow the steps given below to start taking “LIVE TOUR” requests of your own.

Step 1

Login to your Xposure account and click on the ‘My Listings’ tab.

Step 2

Click the blue tool icon on the listing that you would like to display the 'Live Tour’ banner on.  Then click on the 'COVID-19 Live Tour' link.

Step 3
Hit the checkbox 'Enable Live Tour' and then click 'Save', as shown in the screenshot below